Structured Training, hinged to a method that gets results

Our Approach

It’s no accident that our programs have been taught to special force military, law enforcement officers, close protection details, Google, AirBnB (and many others) and of course in martial arts academies/gyms around the world. As one fan of our programs put it, “it’s a thinking mans approach to martial arts”. We believe that pedagogy. the method and practice of teaching, should seek to accomplish consistent results.

Most people who teach martial arts or self-defense programs spend their time on teaching techniques, but little or no time on developing an approach to performance development that will allow those techniques to be deployed when necessary. It’s not uncommon to see someone who can demonstrate precision techniques and counter offensive strategies against a ‘compliant attacker’ only to then fall apart once confronted with a resisting, uncooperative opponent (and here we are talking about the instructors, not just the students). Think about this for a moment, if you cannot make what you have learned work in the neatly, confined, sterile environment of a martial arts school, what makes you think you will be able to pull of what you think you know in the real, unpredictable, gritty world of reality?

This is why in the Crazy Monkey Defense Trainers Programs, we start with the understanding of what our primary mission is: this is first and foremost to ensure, regardless of the program a trainer/student is learning, that it is centred on a foundation of functionality – that will then translate over to the reality it is being trained for. Making this happen cannot be left to random chance. The way you teach, and the method that underpins it, needs to bolster the ability of the student to achieve such claims.

The truth is, if you look at most real world fights, be that the ego defensive versions, or real self-defence examples, one is often hard pressed to identify ‘martial arts’ tactics and techniques that are typically taught. For all the teaching that goes on in the martial arts world, and claims to effectiveness, almost never in real fights do any of these techniques materialise. If and when they do, they are a far cry from how they were trained in the Dojo. We believe the reasons for this is two fold: firstly, very few martial arts or reality based defense instructors take the time to coach people through their psychophysiological responses to interpersonal danger, and secondly, the techniques they teach are not an outgrowth of how the human mind and body engages with interpersonal violence. Much of what is taught then, and passed off as self-defense techniques are never tested psychologically or physiologically.

This is where ALL our Trainers programs differ to other similar programs on the market. We understand the psychophysiological components that a person will undergo in interpersonal violence, and our entire teaching approach (pedagogy) and the method that underpins it, is designed to teach both Trainers and students on how to manage their inner game more effectively. Not only this, what we teach, is an extension of this inner understanding. In other words, the physical skills we teach is an extension of physiology and the psychology in the fight.

What we have found is that this approach has a unintended, but potent outcome. Rather than having students who are training out of the fear of someone who may want to hurt them, they train so they can take on the martial arts of everyday life more skilfully. The truth is, our students may never be called upon to defend themselves, but far more likely they will need to learn how to manage themselves more effectively in difficult interpersonal relationships – be that at work, or simply dealing with road rage on the drive home. There is a lot of truth to the message that the man or woman who has sovereignty over their inner opponent (i.e. themselves), is as Lao Tzu noted, “he who has mastered himself is mightier still” than one who seeks power over others. This is what we mean by that we prepare our students for full contact living!


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